4 Tips to Grow Your Small Business’ Email List

small business email marketing

Email marketing is a great way for your small to medium size business to get lots of leads and keep your customers informed about your business. However, you will most likely find that after the initial flurry of the first sign-ups the subscribers have dwindled. Here are some tips to make sure that your email list keeps growing.

  1. Ensure your sign up form is on every page of your website….and your Facebook page too! Making sure it is easy to find is gold.
  2. Is your offer compelling? Make sure that the value of your messages to your subscribers is the incentive that your small business targets.
  3. Make sure you are using social media in conjunction with your email marketing to strengthen your following.
  4. Are you encouraging your email to be forwarded by your subscribers? If they find the information of value then they are likely to forward to there friends. Be sure to include a link to your sign up page.

Having a large email and social following is not easy! It takes a lot of work and time. But the end result is that your customers win with valuable information that will keep them coming back to you!