A common question that we get asked by our small business website clients is “How should I manage updates to my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?” There are so many options out there! You can have your Twitter updates feed your Facebook, you can have your Facebook feed your Twitter updates…. So what do you do?

To simplify the whole process, we recommend Hootsuite. It is like a social network ‘hub’ and allows you to easily update your Twitter, Facebook status, Facebook Page, LinkedIn and WordPress  all in one place- even for multiple profiles. Hootsuite helps time-starved small business owners keep their sanity.

hootsuite for small businessesHootsuite not only helps you streamline all your updates through one place- it also allows you to easily launch marketing campaigns, identify and expand your audience and deliver targeted messages across multiple channels.

The social media dashboard within Hootsuite allows you to schedule updates to Twiter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress through their web, desktop and mobile platforms (yes, you can get Hootsuite on your iPhone!)

What could be better, right? Well, Hootsuite also allows you to track your campaign results so that you can quickly and confidently adjust your marketing strategies.

Stop wasting time! Go sign up at Hootsuite.com now! Did we mention it’s FREE? If you’d like a mini Hootsuite training session, please contact us and we’ll come help you out!