Wondering how we came to be? Sometimes we ponder this also. Kidding.

Last year, Jason and Lisa (Co-Founders of Stand Out Online) decided that starting up a web design company that serviced Vancouver and area would be a great idea. There are a lot of great web design companies already in Vancouver, but Jason and Lisa wanted to offer a more affordable website option for small to medium sized businesses. Hence, a lot of conversations later…. Stand Out Online was born.

Through our wonderful content management system called WordPress, we are able to offer websites as cheap as $499 to get you started online. After all, we feel that everybody should have an opportunity to be online without breaking the bank.

Then come the updates, yes- the wonderful website updates. Many companies out there will charge you an arm and a leg… maybe even your first born…. to update your website. That’s not so fun for you, the business. At Stand Out Online we believe in empowering our customers to make their own website updates.

Yes, that means you, the business owner can update your website all by yourself. We will even train you how to do it and provide you with a leave-behind ‘How-To’ guide so you don’t get scared at the thought of having to do it yourself once we leave.

Even after we DO leave, you are never alone. We will always make ourselves available for you to walk you through or even do it for you if you need.

We make getting a website easy and affordable so that everyone can have one. “Websites for everyone!”, we say.